Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sex Selective Abortions as Part of Gender Discrimination in Armenian Family (English)

Sex-selective abortions’ (SSAs) cases are not new in Armenian society and even this problem
was investigated in lots of researches there are still some aspects which need to be studied more. In
nowadays Armenia there are lots of talks about demographic consequences of SSA, its reasons are
actively discussed, but still there is no awareness of how it affects the social-psychological climate
and environment of the family.
This project tries to refer to these questions, and particularly, understand whether the SSA is
the result of woman’s decision or it is implemented in other conditions (this hypothesis appeared in
the researcher’s mind a result of her professional observations and case studies with families and
children). Namely, in the context of this project SSA has been observed as a complex phenomenon
and as typical expression of the gender-based discrimination in family.

Find out research results here: http://ysu.am/files/Final%20report%20narrative%20Anna%20Voskanyan%20pdf%20eng.pdf

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