Friday, June 21, 2013

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The impact of male migration on the women left behind in rural Armenia
By Arusyak Sevoyan

At this moment we are having the thematic discussion at the Center. Arusyak Sevoyan from Adelaide University of Australia, who is doing her PhD research, presents the research data and analysis on male migration effect on the women left behind in rural communities in Armenia.
Sociologists, pedagogical professionals, social workers and others professionals are representing their attitudes not only from their personal, but also professional point of views.
Arusyak presents her research analysis which is full of different information about migration and contraceptive methods. It is also about the links between migration and abortion, pregnancy etc. The information covers not only the result analysis but also the very important theoretical base about the problem existing in the world.

Soon the official information about our meeting today will be published in the official papers by the reporters working here.

The second part of the meeting is the other research made by Arusyak again. This one is about male migration, women who stayed in Armenian rural communities and sexually transmitted diseases concerning with mentioned points. The main reasons are economic dependency on migrant partners, plus less power on safe-sex.

The third research is about spousal communication, women's increased biological susceptibility of STD/HIV is based on gendered division of power and economic resources etc...and also the concerns about systemics of sexually transmitted diseases and plus migration. The point is migration, STD communication and use of health care as Arusyak is presenting.

Thanks everyone for attention, hope the next session will be as interesting as this one.



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