Thursday, June 6, 2013

YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies: Opening Ceremony

       On 7th of May of 2013 the new gender and leadership studies center has been launched in Yerevan State University. The project is financed by USAID and HED (Higher Education Development) project in the context of cooperation between Yerevan State University and Arizona State University.
       More than 90 people participated in the opening ceremony of YSU Center for Gender and Leadership  Studies. It was a great and unforgettable start for a project which is going to be officially implemented during the next 3 years.
Gohar Shahnazaryan,
photo taken from
        The new opened and the first one in Armenia by its functions and existence in the state sector center works with 3 members of the staff under the coordination of YSU Sociology Faculty Associate professor and co-founder of Women's Resource Center of Armenia Gohar Shahnazaryan.
       In the process of goal achievement the project in general has previously fixed tasks to realize and problems to solve. First of all, the project is one of the important parts of the global fight for enhancing the gender equality in the world. But, in its turn, it has its own target groups and aims to realize:

  • Development of a Comprehensive YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies - to build capacity at YSU for enhanced, coordinated graduate and undergraduate curriculum in women and gender studies, to serve as a catalyst in training female students for leadership in Armenian society, to coordinate programs of applied research and policy development that advance gender equality and contribute to public awareness and effective policy making, o develop a sustainable outreach strategy that links CGLS with vital Armenian women’s NGO organizations and higher educational institutions beyond Yerevan.
  •  Expansion of Armenian Women’s Access to Higher Education from Under served Communities beyond Yerevan
  • Enhancement of Cross-cutting Efforts to Empower Women for Career Success and Professional Leadership
  • Advancement of Use-Inspired Public Policy Research and Implementation Contributing to Gender Equality  
       The goals of the project are to 1) assist YSU in developing a comprehensive research, training, and outreach “Center for Gender and Leadership Studies” (CGLS); 2) engage CGLS and women’s NGO resources in expanding women’s access to higher education from under served communities beyond Yerevan; 3) enhance the cross-cutting efforts of YSU, local NGOs, and international agencies in training women for career success and professional leadership; and 4) contribute to use-inspired public policy research that advances gender equality.
During the Center activity different projects and workshops will be organized. The Center also cooperates with Career Center of Yerevan State University and different NGO's, governmental and educational institutions in all over Armenia and abroad.
As one of the members of the Center I wish ourselves a good luck and huge amount of energy to implement all our goals.

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